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    Within a few months after an EMP attack, or any other event that causes long-term loss of the electric power grid, most people will become weary and despondent because of the hardship and starvation. They will become desperate to get their modern civilization back. Without prior planning and action, this will take years. Want to learn how to take steps to ensure that you can get modern civilization back quickly, or never lose it in the first place? 

     Read, learn, plan and apply the EMP protection books. This is especially applicable to the EMP Survivalist who has made no provisions  for Solar-PV backup and Lifestyle retension.                                                                                              Buy Now   
Our EMP Protection books are unique and creative. They offer readers understanding, planning and solution options, cost and system optimization, and methods of financing not involving government participation or out of pocket requirements. Read; get informed; make low-risk decisions - mostly based on numbers and facts, rather than adjectives, adverbs and heresay.

You also get our permission to use our books, slide shows, and software for any education, training, on informing clients, prospects and others in meetings, class, seminars, conferences and symposia.
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